University Service

University Committees

2014-2015  Teaching and Learning with Technology Senate Committee

2013-2014 UVic Online Academic Community Working Group

2013  50th Anniversary UVic Open House, TIE Lab Host

2012-pres  Technology & Society Minor Steering Committee

2012 UVic Working Group on Massive Open Online Courses (AVP, CIO, and various faculty)

2012 Campus Educational Technology Review sessions

2011-pres Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Scholarship Steering Committee

2009- pres Member, Research Computing Advisory Senate Committee (Chaired by AVP-Research)

Faculty Committees

2015                     Hosted a delegation from Thailand Higher Education in the TIE Lab

2012                     Local host/chaperone for John Abbott, February 2012 (driving to ferry, significant event organization and technical support when planning did not work out)

2012                     Initiated site visit to the Faculty of Education with Minister of Education George Abbott and facilitated a visit with EDCI 336 learners

2012, April          Hosted two delegations from East China Normal University in the TIE Lab

2012                    Hosted a delegation from Thailand Ministry of Education in the TIE Lab

2012 , Sept         Hosted UVic Faculty of Education Alumni Open House in the TIE Lab

2011-2012 Chair, Faculty Retreat Committee

2011 Chair, Decanal ICT Committee

Department Committees

2014 Salary Merit Committee

2012-14 Member, Graduate Advisory Council

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