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TIE Research Lab

I am a director of the Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) Research Lab at the University of Victoria. The TIE Lab is a Canada Foundation for Innovation funded research laboratory of the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria.

The TIE Lab’s primary focus is on strengthening and linking educational research, policy, and practice in the use of technologies for enhanced networked communication, collaboration, design of learning environments both F2F and online, with an emphasis on open designs and inquiry in K-12 and higher education and beyond.

The TIE lab was created through a $780,000 Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) / BC Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF) infrastructure grant to Drs. Irvine and Hadwin. We also received support from UVic, TELUS, SMART Technologies, Epson, Knowledge North, and more. The magnitude of our CFE grant exceeded CFI infrastructure grants awarded even in the hard sciences and puts UVic on the map as a leader in educational technology provincially, nationally, and internationally.

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