I am available for short-term and long-term consulting and can provide the following services:

  • design of learning and training initiatives (e.g., program development and redesign for online or technology-integrated learning, including merging face-to-face and online synchronous modalities or transitioning existing face-to-face programs to online or multi-access). For example, I assisted a Business school land a corporate MBA program RFP.
  • keynote speaker for conferences for academic or professional audiences
  • presentation or workshop facilitator for faculty, staff, and/or administrators focus for K12, post-secondary, or corporate environments
  • long-term leadership 1-1 mentorship to develop personal network literacy and a digital strategy for community engagement and professional development
  • school events to support children and youth develop a deeper understanding of their digital rights, responsibilities, and opportunities
  • organizational and partnership strategy and grant-writing for government, corporate, and non-profit organizations

Areas of expertise include:

    • online learning, blended learning, and multi-access (merged modes) course design
    • open access strategy and implementation (open access research, open education/pedagogy, history and future of open)
    • institutional digital learning strategy development and evaluation; educational transformation
    • social media for personal and organizational learning, research and scholarship, and community outreach
    • inquiry-based learning
    • shifting structures for supporting personalized learning
    • community development in online learning environments
    • technology-integrated teaching and learning
    • technology adoption (professional development) and IT planning
    • education and IT stakeholder communication and collaboration (e.g., moderation of instructional staff with IT systems staff)
    • external educational program evaluation or reviews