I am an educator with a background in both K12 and higher education. I have extensive teaching and facilitation experience in higher education since 1998. I am the undergraduate and graduate advisor of the Educational Technology area in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria.

I created a variety of courses in my tenure here, “EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education,” and was able to get it to become core in every teacher education program we offer. I have also created: EDCI 335 (Learning Design), EDCI 337 (Multimedia Learning Theory), EDCI 338 (Social Media and Personalized Learning), EDCI 339 (Distributed and Open Learning), and all have graduate counterparts/cross-listed versions. We also offer EDCI 515 (e-Research). Almost all of these offerings are online or multi-access, except EDCI 336, which is typically face-to-face and closed for our B.Ed/PDPP cohorts.

I also serve as coordinator of the educational technology Master’s cohorts we offer. These are designed in multi-access or online-only format to enable equitable access as many of our rural and remote learners, who are unable to travel to our province’s brick-and-mortar research institutions are forced to explore online-only universities. Many of these charge three times our tuition and may not offer a program of choice. I have a strong belief that we are lacking in addressing social justice as it is connected to modality and learning design for both rural and remote learners, but also for those with disabilities.