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pic of the TIE lab before construction

New Beginnings

So my blogging experiences have been an up and down one… I started (and left) my first blog in 2009. My second iteration was hosted on site by a colleague who did a multi-site buddy press install and was the super admin and, well, it got hacked. I was told that we could not access the content, were not allowed to even try, and furthermore there were no back-ups, and to move along. It’s gone… It’s been a learning lesson for me. Being in edtech, I should have known better than to put trust into an individually-hosted complex installation without more due diligence on my part and minded my own work closer. Ah well… I spend most of my outreach time on twitter anyway! Though, you’ll probably see lots of retro-posting to repost some work I have done in the past.

I’ll be doing a lot of creating, editing, and testing of my site while I pull it together again. A virtual rebuild is nothing as difficult as the physical rebuilding I had to do when I was given lab space I had negotiated on hiring. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears over three years went into building the TIE Research Lab. Like anything else that is highly appreciated, it’s usually hard-earned. The featured photo above is something I get strength from as it shows how far the journey has been for me in my career. It was one of the “before” shots of the space. Without any direction or suggestion, I went out to seek funding and turned that space into the TIE lab. I am going to rebuild my digital presence in the same way. Make it a place where people want to come to, to connect, and to share.

TIE Lab VC room